AOTW – Black Honey by Music Week

This week’s ‘Artist Of The Week’ is chosen by Murray Stassen (@murrayonly) from Music Week magazine.  He has picked Black Honey.

Murray said:

“My artist of the week is Black Honey. I saw them play at The Great Escape in their hometown, Brighton and their performance blew me away. They were one of the most exciting bands at the festival and they are one of the best new bands in the UK and Europe at the moment. To me it sounds like a combination of early 2000’s punk rock like The Distillers, 90’s grunge, garage rock, with surf guitar sounds and 60’s girl group melodic pop sensibilities. The sound is old, yet refreshing and they are going to be massive. Single Madonna is already edging close to 1.8m plays on Spotify, they have just signed a publishing deal this week and I will be very surprised if they are not headlining a festival in the next five years.”

Take a listen: