Artist Of The Week: Tom Leader

Artist Of The Week is Tom Leader! Tom is an alternative pop artist based in Birmingham. He enjoys making rhythmic acoustic loops and singing hopeful lyrics. He found his love for writing songs at the age of 12 after going to see Nizlopi play live. Though his first two EPs (‘Moving On’ and ‘Bridges’) are predominantly acoustic guitar and vocals, Tom was inspired to expand his sound after listening to bands like Sigur Rós and Broken Social Scene.

Listen to his full sound Debut Album ‘Uncomfortably Happy’ here:

Tom speaks about the album: “‘Uncomfortably Happy’ was written in the pandemic lockdown, when I felt I had nothing to lose. It was so much fun experimenting with different sound worlds and bolder lyrics. It’s about deciding to move from a comfortably unhappy state to find a better path, and navigating through the discomfort of that change. Some of the album’s subjects range from heartbreak, climate change, eating disorders, self love and peace. Though some of those subjects are dark, I attempted to structure the songs in a way that would feel hopeful and uplifting. If someone is reflecting on something uncomfortable, hopefully this album can be used as motivation to push through, and remember that they are worth the happiness they seek.”

This is a solid album with a lot of variety. Jacob Collier comes to mind. One of our favourites is ‘Your Home’. We love the important message packaged in a danceable, playful production and tongue in cheek lyrics. The hope really shines through whilst Tom sings about excepting yourself for who you are rather than adhering to stereotypes and unhealthy social constructs.

The album was produced and mixed by Iwan VanHetten at VanHetten Productions, and mastered by Peter Beckmann at Technology Works, London, UK.

Have a watch and listen to the gorgeous duet from  Tom Leader and Elle Beale of ‘Forgive':

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