Artist of The Week – Labradoor by The Great Escape Festival

This week’s Artist of The Week is London based band Labradoor as chosen by The Great Escape Festival.  The yearly festival in Brighton showcases the best new bands the worlds has to offer.  To find out more click here

‘Silence’ is a song simply made for lying back and listening to in the warmth of the sun. The dappled guitar and the dreamy vocals are reminiscent of careless teenage years. There are tones of Orange Juice in the guitar, mixed with continuous summer feeling of The Drums, and luckily summer is just around the corner, as you won’t be able to get this out of your head.

Vocalist Emil Brynge says “it’s about how saying nothing at all can sometimes work better, and says more words than I could’ve done”, and that in itself says all it needs to.

If you want to hear Labradoor’s hugely catchy and relaxing tune to kick start your summer, take a listen: