Artist Of The Week – Kamikaze Girls by Guitar Quarterly

This week’s Artist Of The Week is Kamikaze Girls, chosen by Guitar Quarterly.

Lucinda and Conor are The Kamikaze Girls, one of the most exciting bands in the UK at the moment. Their debut, DIY release the “Sad E.P.” contains music boasting influences as diverse as L7 and the Cure, Bikini Kill and Michael Jackson, for beneath their screaming Riot Grrrl fuzz-laden, lo-fi power-scapes, there is a beating heart of good, old fashioned songwriting that elevates them way above the competition.

But it isn’t just the music or the playing, they genuinely care, they care about their fans and they really do believe that music, their music can be a power for good. The Sad E.P. talks about mental illness and tells us all it is OK to be sad, and they are right because without the darkness, there can’t ever be moments in the sun.

Take a listen: