Artist Of The Week: DMNIQ

Our Artist Of The Week is DMNIQ!

DMNIQ (formerly known as Dominique Gilbert) is an LGBTQ+ music artist, songwriter and composer from Windsor, UK. She has been influenced by the likes of London Grammar, Coldplay and SYML, and has been a fan of classical and film music since a very early age.

She writes and performs intimate piano vocal tracks, combined with ambient and organic production elements, emotive melodies and comforting lyrics.

Listen to her latest single, ‘Show Me The Way’, here:

This is something a little different from DMNIQ’s usual style. It’s a unique, guitar-based pop track, intertwined with cinematic percussion layers, piano and ambient pads, and has been co-written and produced by Sam Clines. The track explores the array of natural emotions we go through as someone leaves us. Lyrically, the song may offer listeners some sort of acceptance and healing in moving forward from this loss. It reminds us of the love we have for others and the love we must have for ourselves.
Best known for her work in TV, Dominique’s song ‘A Little Higher’ featured in the popular LA TV Show, ‘The L Word: Generation Q’, written with and produced by composer Christian Reindl.
Dominique has also worked with TV and film composer Gavin Luke, including on their unique neo-classical vocal collaboration, ‘Hold Your Breath Still’. Together with her sync representative A&G Sync, Dominique is currently busy with bespoke projects for TV, and is also writing and producing her upcoming releases. A keen writer (which is where she started out), Dominique also writes for other music artists, including the likes of Ben Dolic and Beth De Bacci, helping others tell their stories.
Now, with the light at the end of the tunnel after the pandemic, Dominique is so excited to perform on stage again as she plans her intimately unique live set and releases her new songs under her new artist name, ‘DMNIQ’.
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