AOTW by Kerrang Radio

We’re excited to share Anavae, our Artist of The Week chosen by Alex Baker.  Alex is the host of the radio show ‘Fresh Blood’ on Kerrang Radio.

Alex said:
“Made up of the exceptionally talented Jamie Finch and Rebecca Need-Menear, London’s Anavae are wise-beyond-their size…a band that are SO hook-laden, SO well produced, and just SO good, that you’re left scratching your head wondering why on earth they aren’t on the front of every magazine, on the main stages of every major festival and headlining shows around the country. The answer? It just hasn’t been their time yet…but the clock is ticking, their time is coming, mark, my, words.

Anavae inhabit an intriguing space between rock and electronica ensuring their music always sounds fresh and inspiring, and singer Rebecca Need-Menear’s voice quite simply soars. In fact she gracefully hits notes that most vocalists can only dream of. The result is an impassioned and expansive journey right into Need-Menear’s mind, check out their latest single Feel Alive…and thank me later.”


Check out ‘Feel Alive':