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” A toe tapping jaw dropper: Life in a northern town on viciously beaten guitars. Think Half Man Half Biscuit meets the Housemartins…” STEVE LAMACQ

“Percy deliver a twisted but humorous tale of small town humanity in punky rasping Yorkshire tones. Discordant nasty and great fun – your can really hear the venom!” VIC GALLOWAY

Founded in York in May 1996. Percy are a distinctive evolution of the North of England’s post-punk indie pioneers.
Percy challenge style, convention and tempo. They’re difficult to categorise as musical genres get used and abused with little mercy. Punk, Reggae, Swing, Glam, Country and Rock all get a turn but all provide a slick underpinning to a collection of wonderfully witty stories; Colin’s lyrical vision of today’s England includes call centre drones, getting old, Doncaster working mens clubs, Politicians, Payday loans and our very dear Noel Edmonds. Often bleak but there’s more than enough black humour to raise a wry smile. The press description of percy’s music is as imaginative as the music itself and the band seem to collect ace straplines such as ‘The Kinks of Punk’, ‘A Yorkshire version of the Sweeney’ and Steve Lamacq’s own ‘Toe tapping jaw droppers’.

PERCY 2012- New line up: Colin Howard: Guitar/Vocals, Dan Whiting: Drums, Andy Wiles: Bass/Vocals
PERCY 2010- Colin Howard: Bass/Vocals, Geoff Cousins: Guitar/Vocals, Andy Wiles: Drums
The NIELSENS 2008- Colin Howard: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards. Fil Charters: Drums, Precussion, Samples Andy Wiles: Bass Releases: None.. Check out the videos of our more famous project-..
PERCY 1996- 2007 Colin Howard: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards. Hugh Whitaker (HOUSEMARTINS): Drums, Vocals Andy Wiles: Bass Jon Betz: Rhythm Guitars ..

Percy gigged widely across the UK 1998-2004 and could be found at that time supporting The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit and even a primitive Snow Patrol. We also have strong links with Mook Records in Leeds who released a couple of singles with Percy.

2011 “A new kind of discipline” Single. Tenfoot Records ref TFR:013
2011 “Big Fellas” Single. Tenfoot Records ref TFR:012
2001 “Caravan” single – Mook Records ref MKCDS13.
1999 “Donny Rednecks” single – Mook Records ref MK10
1998 “West Yorkshire Super Heroes” EP – Tenfoot Records ref TFRCD:011