Artist Of The Week: Blue Kubricks

Brace yourselves for our next Artist Of The Week, Blue Kubricks! The up-and-coming Leeds-based alt-pop-funk-rock band is signed to Monomyth Records and is out with a brand new single, “Comortable Ride”.

Listen to ‘Comfotable Ride’ here:

‘Comfortable Ride’ was born out of a collaboration with Leeds based producer Danny Blackburn of Uncle Buzzard and Adult DVD. It is an infectious alternative disco track that combines irresistible, upbeat grooves with compelling vocals and an unforgettable chorus line. It’s pop, but not as you know it! The track is super catchy and danceable and will be moving your ear drums long after it finishes! Both musically and visually it draws lines to legendary artist, Prince as well as soul pop singer, Bruno Mars.

Watch  the music video for their previous release ‘Latin’ here:

The music video for ‘Latin’ garnered thousands of  views and is racking up the listens on streaming services.

Their first EP (‘Manuka’) which will raise money for endangered bees with the charity Flora & Fauna International, is due to be released in February 2022 with ‘Comfortable Ride’ as the lead single.

For more information and merch head to their website

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